Kids In Motion

The Kids in Motion class encourages the development of small and large motor skills. The skills taught may include hopping, jumping forward, catching a ball, skipping and balancing on one foot. KIM provides the children an organized way to utilize their physical skills. Playing games in KIM teaches the children important social skills, such as sharing and taking turns. Preschoolers learn to cooperate and interact during play. The parachute, scooters, and relay races are some of the favorite activities. 2-Day classes attend KIM once a week. The 3-Day and 4-Day children attend KIM twice a week. Pre-K (5-Day) classes attend KIM three times a week.


Our Music program engages preschoolers in activities that explore the expressive qualities of music through singing, moving, creating and listening. Our program fosters the development of fine motor skills and coordination. The music room is filled with the “tools” necessary to participate in and create music. Drums, eggs, xylophones, rainsticks are only a few of the instruments available to the children. The songs taught are directly tied to each class’s weekly curriculum and seasonal holidays. 2-Day and 3-Day classes attend music once a week. The 4-Day and Pre-K (5-Day) children attend music twice a week.

In December, the children’s music instruction culminates into a Holiday Show presented to family and friends. Every child participates in the show. The show introduces our children to the art of performance.

Game Room

All but the youngest children visit the Game Room. Here the children develop pre-reading and pre-math skills in a ‘soft-structure’ learning environment. The children learn problem solving, independent thinking, and organizational and cooperative skills. Parquetry, story sequencing and manipulative games provide an opportunity for the child to learn about classifying, sorting, predicting, and problem solving. The Pre-K (5-day) children are assigned higher-level games as they progress in the Game Room. The teacher notes successfully completed tasks. Parent volunteers assist the teacher by helping to check each child’s progress.

Lunch And Play

Lunch and Play is an extended day program offered to children aged 3 or over who are toilet-trained. The children can stay until 1pm or 2pm. Members of the staff run the program. An hourly fee is charged and parents provide lunch for their child.

Lunch and Play affords the opportunity to socialize and make new friends in an unstructured setting. Weather permitting; the children play outdoors after lunch.

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