Welcome October! The first weeks of preschool are an exciting milestone in your child’s life. Your child is embarking on a path that will lead them on many roads of discovery and learning. The children are becoming acquainted with staff members and learning the daily school routine. As wonderful as this new experience may be, it can also be stressful for the young child. New situations and change can be unsettling for all of us. It is common for even the most outgoing child to be anxious the first day of school. However, the good news is that after hugs and reassurance the tears have been replaced with smiles. The 2 Day children are thoroughly enjoying their first school experience.

BUMNS Parent/Teacher Board spends many hours planning school fundraisers. Our Silent Auction last April was not only a fun social event, but $12,000 was raised to benefit the children of the school. This year the Silent Auction will be held on April 22. Classroom rugs, KIM equipment, a new playground structure, classroom educational materials and Game Room activities were bought with fundraising monies. This fall we are fundraising with Mabel’s Labels, Yankee Candles, and Pizza’s. Thank you to those who were able to attend Rita’s Water Ice Celebrity Scoop. It was fun seeing everyone “out of school”. 20 % of all sales were donated to BUMNS.
The parent coffees were well attended. I am glad to see that social gatherings out of school are being planned! Future parent coffees will be planned.

Important Dates in October:
Wednesday, October 8 3 & 4 Day Field Trip to Milky Way Farm
Tuesday, October 14 5 Day Field Trip to Highland Orchard
Thursday, October 16 2 Day Field Trip to Sugartown Pumpkins
Friday, October 17 School Closed…Staff In-Service

**BUMNS is accepting applications for the January 2 Day class. Invite friends or family to visit BUMNS for a tour!
**A volunteer is needed in the Game Room on Friday, October 10th. Let the office know if you are able to help!