Welcome to the 2018/2019 school year at BUMNS. Thank you for choosing BUMNS for your child’s early education. The preschool childhood years have been recognized as extremely important in the development of a child. It is our goal to create an enriched learning environment that engages each child. Children in their earliest years have tremendous curiosity and ability to learn. We value a strong educational foundation coupled with a safe and caring atmosphere in which to grow. BUMNS teachers and support staff work in different capacities to support your child’s early childhood experience

I look forward to seeing you at the Parent Open House on Monday, September 10th. Doors will open at 6:45.

Important dates:
• Saturday, September 8 All Family Picnic/ Johnson Park in Berwyn/ 4:00
• Monday, September 10 Parent Open House/Church Chapel/ 6:45
Parents will have the opportunity to meet their child’s teacher and learn about the upcoming school year. Following a short meeting in the chapel, parents will move to their child’s class.
• Tuesday, September 11 2 Day visitation. Visitation times will be allotted for each parent at the Open House,
• Tuesday, September 11 4 & 5 Day first day of school. Doors open at 8:50. Lunch n’ Play will be in session. Children staying for lunch must have a note and payment for stay at lunch.
• Wednesday, September 12 3 Day first day
• Thursday, September 13 2 Day first day (2 Day classes will end at 11:30 for the first month)
• Wednesday, September 26 Celebrity Scoop Fundraiser at Rita’s 3:00-5:00
• Thursday, September 27 Parent’s Night Out: AR Workshop in Malvern 7:00