It is hard to believe October flew by so quickly! The children had a fun month with lots of activities both in and out of the preschool. Field trips to pumpkin patches, apple picking and a walk to the Berwyn Fire Station were some of the fun learning experiences the children had. Play dates at Wilson Park and lunch at Mod Pizza were well attended. Thank you to the BUMNS Parent/ Board for planning socials. Thank you to the families for supporting our fundraisers. On Saturday, November 12th Dads are invited to the Berwyn Tavern for a Dad’s Happy Hour.

During the month of November the children will be talking about what it means to be thankful. Gratitude develops when young children engage in acts of kindness, whether it be sharing a toy or just being a good friend. By learning gratitude, children become sensitive to the feelings of others, develop empathy and other life skills.
Thanksgiving feasts will be celebrated by all classes. Turkey, cheese, and vegetables will be served. The children love this BUMNS tradition of sharing a meal together. Lessons will be taught about the first Thanksgiving Feast celebrated by the Native Americans and Pilgrims.

BUMNS is partnering with Berwyn United Methodist Church to support the church’s mission of helping those less fortunate. We are asking for toy donations costing $15 or less during November. The toys will be donated to the children of the Methodist Midtown Parish in Philadelphia.

Important Dates:

Saturday, November 12 Dads Happy Hour at the Berwyn Tavern at 4:00. Invitations have been sent home.
Monday, November 14 5 Day field trip to a Lenape Village at the Great Valley Nature Center
November 23, 24 and 25 School will be closed in observation of the Thanksgiving Holiday

2016-2017 Welcome

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year at Berwyn United Methodist Nursery School. I am looking forward to the busy and exciting year in store for us.
BUMNS strives to offer a quality, nurturing and productive learning environment for your preschooler. Your child will have the opportunity to learn and play with his/her peers in a variety of different ways. Each day will be filled with fun activities to help your child develop academically and socially. BUMNS has an outstanding support staff who works in different capacities to support your child’s early childhood experience.

Our school’s success is related to parent –teacher relationships. Parent involvement is encouraged at BUMNS. Parents can volunteer as homeroom parents, in the Game Room, as chaperones for field trips or help with school fundraisers. Throughout the year I will communicate with parents through notes, telephone calls and e-mails. I welcome e-mails, or phone calls (610-296-2246) if you have concerns or questions.

BUMNS Parent/Teacher Board has planned many social activities for the children and parents throughout the year. The first family social was held on September 10th at 4:00 at Johnson Park in Berwyn. The event was well attended by both returning and new families. Future socials include Parent Coffees, Happy Hour at Main 30, and an all school play date at Wilson Park.


I am occasionally asked why fundraise at BUMNS? Fundraising helps distinguish our preschool from other schools in the area. Monies raised have built our playground, given us funds to add new educational tools to our Game Room and classes, installed a security system, provided funds to improve the school facility, painted classrooms, bought music instruments , and KIM equipment. Fundraising helps support our school environment. Tuitions do not cover the full cost of education. Fundraisers help BUMNS offset the costs of providing a high-quality learning experience to children. Fundraising enhances a child’s early education experience.

Our largest fundraiser is the annual BUMNS Silent Auction and Dinner. In the past few years, this has also grown into a social event where families come together for an evening of fun. This year the event, BUMNS at the Beach promises to be a fun evening. Below is a listing of a few of the auction items available for bidding.

• Four (4) seats in the Diamond Club for the Phillies vs. Cubs game on Tuesday, June 7th at 7:05 p.m.
• New with tags Coach Penelope leather large shopper in spring green.
• A foursome of golf at White Manor Country Club in Malvern.
• New Barbie Dreamhouse
• Diggerland USA package: Four (4) admission passes (exp. 12/31/16), size 8 kid slippers, 2 pairs of sunglasses, size 5/6 t-shirt and size 9/10 fleece.
• LeBeau Gardens – One free landscape consultation and a $200 gift card.
• $100 to Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse
• Bach to Rock – Rock City Birthday Party

I hope to see you at the fundraiser on Friday, April 29th at 30 Main in Berwyn. The support of our BUMNS families has been phenomenal. Thank you for all you do.

Important Dates:

Wednesday, April 13 Donuts with Dads 3 & 4 Day Classes
Thursday, April 14 Donuts with Dads 2 Day Classes
Friday, April 15 Donuts with Dads 5 Day Classes
Friday, April 29 BUMNS at the Beach!!
Thursday, May 5 Muffins with Mom 2 & 4 Day Classes
Friday, May 6 Muffins with Mom 3 & 5 Day Classes
Monday, May 9 3 & 4 Day field trip to the Tyler Arboretum
Thursday, May 19 2 Day field trip to the Great Valley Nature Center
Friday, May 20 5 Day field trip and picnic to Riverbend

February Thoughts

Much has been said lately about the power of play. The first thing noticed in BUMNS Game Room is the quiet hum of activity. The children are “playing” games. The children are focused and concentrating on the goal of completing the assigned “game”. Learning through play is not about children wandering without direction in a room full of toys or games. Learning through play takes a carefully prepared environment that allows young children to explore, examine, organize, manipulate, discriminate and make predictions.

In the BUMNS Game Room, learning is different for each child because each child is learning at his or her own pace. Games are assigned. Parquetry, story sequencing and manipulative games provide an opportunity for the child to learn about classifying, sorting, predicting and problem solving. Teachers note successfully completed tasks. The Game Room is fun for the children. The children are not just memorizing numbers and letters; they are learning and understanding the concepts of reading and math. The children are reasoning, hypothesizing, predicting outcomes and developing theories. But, most importantly the children are having fun! The benefits of play include gaining confidence as well as self-esteem, expanding language, understanding rules and sparking creativity. The goal is to give children a lifelong love of learning.

Important Dates:

Thursday, February 11 2 & 4 Day Valentine’s Day Parties
Friday, February 12 3 & 5 Day Valentine’s Day Parties
Monday, February 15 School Closed
Friday, February 19 BUMNS Beer and Bowling Dads Night Out
Wednesday, March 2 Photo Day for 3 & 4 Day
Thursday, March 3 Photo Day for 2 & 5 Day
Thursday, March 3 Moms Night Out…Painting with a Twist

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope your holiday season was a time of relaxation and family fun. I am occasionally asked why fundraise at BUMNS? Fundraising helps distinguish our preschool from other schools in the area. Monies raised have built our playground, given us funds to add new educational tools to our Game Room and classes, installed a security system, painted classrooms, bought music instruments and KIM equipment. Fundraising helps support our school environment. Thanks to your generous support, the hall ceilings and lighting were replaced during the winter holiday. The improved hallway is brighter and aesthetically pleasing!

• A recurring theme during January will be snow! There are wonderful books to read, and various mediums used to represent snow, snow people, and snowflakes! Painting snow people is a favorite art project.
• Lessons will be taught about Martin Luther King Jr .This gives us the opportunity to explore concepts such as kindness, peace, and acceptance of others.
• Registrations are being accepted for the 2015-2016 school year. There are openings in all classes. Families from outside the school have been registering for next year. Email the office if you have any questions.

January brings the challenges of buttons, zippers, hats, and mittens. Boots are not necessary. Help your child practice putting on their coat and zipping. The children will go outside for recess unless it is less than 35 degrees. BUMNS will follow T/E’s decision about school closure during inclement weather. Please call T/E’s hotline if there is a question about school closing or delays. The number is 610-240-1970.

November Thanksgivings

I have enjoyed observing the youngest children at BUMNS as they experience their first year of preschool. For many, this is their first time in a structured setting with teachers and classmates. It provides the opportunity to share, follow instructions and begin the foundation for learning. In order to learn, the children need to feel secure with their teacher and build a trusting relationship with the teacher. It is very rewarding to watch the transition from looks of “I can’t do it” into looks of “I did it!” The children feel a sense of competence and self-worth as they learn to be more independent. Expectations such as washing hands, putting personal items or notes in their book bag and putting away toys during clean-up time are all small things that encourage a child’s social and emotional growth.

Gratitude and Thanksgiving are the themes the children will learn about during the month of November. Lessons will focus on the first Thanksgiving feast between the Pilgrims and Native Americans. The 5 Day classes will venture to the Great Valley Nature Center to explore a replica of a Lenape Village. Here they will learn the customs, foods and life style of the early Lenape Native Americans. The tour includes hands on activities that teach the children how to grind corn, gardening with handmade tools and playing Native American games.

The month culminates with a Thanksgiving Feast shared by each class. The children create Pilgrim hats and Native American necklaces and headbands to wear to the feast. Foods served include; turkey, cheese, vegetables and corn bread.

Important Dates:

November 9, 10 and 11th BUMNS Open House from 9:15-11:15
November 16 & 17 In –House Registration
November 18 Picky Eaters-It’s Not That Simple presented by BUMNS Parent Board at 9:15. Join parents for a presentation on “picky eating in toddlers and children. Presentation given by Kristen Quinn, founder of Toddlers and Tomatoes. Fee for seminar is $10, payable at door. Babysitting will be provided for toddlers and older. Please let the office know if you will need the sitting service.
November 23 3 Day Feast
November 24 2, 4 & 5 Day Feast
November 25 No School
November 30 School Reopens
December 14 Holiday Show Rehearsal 9:30…Parents may video on this day only
December 15 Holiday Show 9:30

April News

The blue skies and the appearance of flowers in front of our school remind us of the arrival of spring. We have spent so much time indoors that the children are excited to visit the playground again. The children strengthen growing muscles when climbing, running and playing outside
The children are looking forwarding to hosting their Dads (or Uncle, Grandfather or even favorite family friend) during the week of April 13th. “Donuts with Dad” is a favorite day for the children. The children love introducing friends and showing off their classrooms. The morning lasts around 45 minutes.
On Wednesday, April 22, BUMNS will host the annual BUMNS Parent Social and Silent Auction at Alfredo’s in Berwyn. Doors open at 6:30. Come early to view the Silent Auction offerings. The BUMNS Parent/Teacher Board has spent the year planning, soliciting items, and bundling auction items. Class projects are being created by each class for auction. We are looking forward to a fun evening. Bring a friend to the event. This is BUMNS largest fundraiser. Monies raised benefit the children of our school.

Important Dates:

Tuesday, April 14 4 Day Donut with Dads
Wednesday, April 15 3 Day Donut with Dads
Thursday, April 16 2 Day Donut with Dads
Friday, April 17 5 Day Donut with Dads
Wednesday, April 22 BUMNS Parent Social and Silent Auction
Tuesday, April 28 2 & 5 Day School Pictures
Wednesday, April 29 3 & 4 Day School Pictures

***Camp Fun registrations have been sent home. Camp Fun is the perfect ending to the school year


Parents often wonder why their children are self-sufficient at school. At school the children will clean up toys, pass out snacks, and take care of their belongings. How can this be when at home, they refuse to pick up toys or insist that mom or dad help them with every task? A child will test limits with their parents because he or she trusts the parent will love them no matter what. Barbara Bogle recently shared parenting strategies with our parents. Barbara was guidance counselor for 19 years and is now a parenting coach. Barbara shared suggestions as to how to help parents prepare their child to be a healthy, happy, productive member of society. Below are some strategies that can be used at home with your child.

1. Expect more. At school we expect the children to hang up their coats, put Game Room games back in the proper “home”, or throw away their trash after snack (just to name a few “chores”). Children love feeling independent. Today I watched the youngest 3 Day children throw their cup and napkin in the trash after snack time. Each child completed the simple task. Expect them to do more and most often they will.
2. Resist doing for your child what they can do for themselves. It is quicker and easier for you to do it. Whenever you are trying to get your children to dress, put jackets on, etc., ask them if they want help or can they do it themselves? Suggesting your child complete a task without assistance is like magic. Kids always want to do it for themselves! Watch how the children walk proudly into school. They want to do it themselves! Often they will wave my hand away when offered.
3. Don’t redo what they’ve done. Unless absolutely necessary, don’t fix what your child accomplishes. If she dresses in stripe and polka dots, compliment her. As teachers we don’t “fix” art projects the children have created. I love pictures with crooked smiles. The projects are self-directed and a unique creation of the child. The child feels a sense of accomplishment completing the art activity.
4. Let them solve simple problems. Pause before rushing to help your child assemble a toy or get a book from a shelf. We cheat a child the experience of success if we try to make everything perfect. In the Game Room, the children often use discriminating skills to complete assigned games. They are problem-solving.
5. Assign a chore. Assigning a regular, simple task will build your child’s confidence. The goal is to make your child feel like they are contributing to the family. The children at BUMNS are assigned weekly jobs. They love the feeling of independence as the mail person, line leader, snack person, flag holder; such simple tasks that make the children feel good about themselves.
It is fun watching the children at school grow and change as they become confident with our school routine. Each child has their own unique personality. Our job is to encourage, teach and give them the tools for a lifetime of success.

Valentine’s Day parties will be celebrated on the 12th and 13th of February. The holiday teaches children the importance of appreciating family and friends. The children enjoy giving and receiving Valentine’s. The 5 Day children will soon be celebrating their 100th day of school. The children are counting down the days. They have learned to count by 5’s and 10’s to 100. Pizza will be delivered to school to celebrate this special day.
BUMNS children will be saving pennies during the month of February. The collected money will be contributed to Berwyn United Methodist Church’s HUB outreach. The pennies will help buy school kits for children who are less fortunate.

Think Silent Auction and Spring Dinner! Preparations are underway for our annual Silent Auction and Spring Dinner being held on Wednesday, April 22nd. Moms, dads and guests are invited to attend. The evening promises to be fun for all. Consider donating to the Silent Auction. Donations might include golf outings, Philly Sport Team tickets, a talent or skill, restaurant gift certificates or gym memberships. Contact the school office for more information.

Important Dates and Reminders:
• Thursday, Feb. 12th 2,4 & Mrs. Y’s 5 Day Valentine’s Day Parties
• Friday, Feb. 13th 3 & 5 Day Valentine’s Day Parties
• Monday, Feb.16th No School
• Wednesday, Feb. 25th 5 Day trip to the Great Valley Nature Center
• Weds. March 11th Save the Date! Fun Day at Chuckie Cheese! (No School)
• Thursday, March 12th Conferences (No School)
• Friday, March 13th Conferences (No School)

New From BUMNS

Welcome October! The first weeks of preschool are an exciting milestone in your child’s life. Your child is embarking on a path that will lead them on many roads of discovery and learning. The children are becoming acquainted with staff members and learning the daily school routine. As wonderful as this new experience may be, it can also be stressful for the young child. New situations and change can be unsettling for all of us. It is common for even the most outgoing child to be anxious the first day of school. However, the good news is that after hugs and reassurance the tears have been replaced with smiles. The 2 Day children are thoroughly enjoying their first school experience.

BUMNS Parent/Teacher Board spends many hours planning school fundraisers. Our Silent Auction last April was not only a fun social event, but $12,000 was raised to benefit the children of the school. This year the Silent Auction will be held on April 22. Classroom rugs, KIM equipment, a new playground structure, classroom educational materials and Game Room activities were bought with fundraising monies. This fall we are fundraising with Mabel’s Labels, Yankee Candles, and Pizza’s. Thank you to those who were able to attend Rita’s Water Ice Celebrity Scoop. It was fun seeing everyone “out of school”. 20 % of all sales were donated to BUMNS.
The parent coffees were well attended. I am glad to see that social gatherings out of school are being planned! Future parent coffees will be planned.

Important Dates in October:
Wednesday, October 8 3 & 4 Day Field Trip to Milky Way Farm
Tuesday, October 14 5 Day Field Trip to Highland Orchard
Thursday, October 16 2 Day Field Trip to Sugartown Pumpkins
Friday, October 17 School Closed…Staff In-Service

**BUMNS is accepting applications for the January 2 Day class. Invite friends or family to visit BUMNS for a tour!
**A volunteer is needed in the Game Room on Friday, October 10th. Let the office know if you are able to help!

April Happenings

The blue skies, the appearance of flowers in front of our school, and the songs of the birds in trees remind us of the arrival of spring. We have spent so much time indoors that the children are excited to visit the playground again. The children strengthen growing muscles when climbing, running and playing outside.

As educators and parents, we observe the children blossoming at this time in the preschool year. During our conferences, teachers shared examples of documentation affirming the children’s tremendous growth since September. Developmentally, children often take leaps forward and steps backward–and sometimes a period of calm as children pause and readjust to their own new abilities and perspectives. It can be challenging for us, as adults, to understand these shifts in children’s behavior. Just as it appears that separation anxiety is no longer an issue, a child “suddenly” doesn’t want to come to school. This is all typical behavior for preschoolers. With patience and encouragement children gain the confidence needed to overcome anxious feelings.

Thank you to the parents and Grandfathers who joined their children for very special Donuts with Dad morning. The children were full of smiles and pride walking their parent into BUMNS. The children proudly showed off their classrooms and introduced friends. The children and their dads created special art projects together. The projects are keepsakes to preserve the memory of Donuts with Dad Day. I loved reading the children’s responses to the question, “Why is your dad special?” Some answers included, “He holds me up to shoot hoops!” or “He helps me make breakfast for Mommy.” Donuts with Dad Day will remain a special event in your child’s preschool experience.

On Weds. May7th BUMNS will host our annual Dinner and Silent Auction at Alfredo’s in Berwyn. Doors open at 6:30. Come early to view the Silent Auction offerings. The BUMNS Parent/Teacher board has spent weeks planning, soliciting items, and bundling auction items. Class projects have been created by each class for auction. We are looking forward to a fun evening. This is BUMNS largest fundraiser. Monies raised benefit the children of our school.

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