The blue skies, the appearance of flowers in front of our school, and the songs of the birds in trees remind us of the arrival of spring. We have spent so much time indoors that the children are excited to visit the playground again. The children strengthen growing muscles when climbing, running and playing outside.

As educators and parents, we observe the children blossoming at this time in the preschool year. During our conferences, teachers shared examples of documentation affirming the children’s tremendous growth since September. Developmentally, children often take leaps forward and steps backward–and sometimes a period of calm as children pause and readjust to their own new abilities and perspectives. It can be challenging for us, as adults, to understand these shifts in children’s behavior. Just as it appears that separation anxiety is no longer an issue, a child “suddenly” doesn’t want to come to school. This is all typical behavior for preschoolers. With patience and encouragement children gain the confidence needed to overcome anxious feelings.

Thank you to the parents and Grandfathers who joined their children for very special Donuts with Dad morning. The children were full of smiles and pride walking their parent into BUMNS. The children proudly showed off their classrooms and introduced friends. The children and their dads created special art projects together. The projects are keepsakes to preserve the memory of Donuts with Dad Day. I loved reading the children’s responses to the question, “Why is your dad special?” Some answers included, “He holds me up to shoot hoops!” or “He helps me make breakfast for Mommy.” Donuts with Dad Day will remain a special event in your child’s preschool experience.

On Weds. May7th BUMNS will host our annual Dinner and Silent Auction at Alfredo’s in Berwyn. Doors open at 6:30. Come early to view the Silent Auction offerings. The BUMNS Parent/Teacher board has spent weeks planning, soliciting items, and bundling auction items. Class projects have been created by each class for auction. We are looking forward to a fun evening. This is BUMNS largest fundraiser. Monies raised benefit the children of our school.