BUMNS added a 4 Day class this year. Enrollment opened and the first twelve to register were guaranteed a place in the class. We did not anticipate that the first eleven to enroll would be boys. Fair is fair. We would have a class of boys in 4 Day. The lone girl to register moved up to 5 Day. The twelfth spot filled quickly with one more boy.

Twelve four year old boys, oh my! Assumptions were made by those who heard there would be twelve boys in Mrs. Harris’ class. “I can only imagine it will be loud in that class.” “You better wear ear muffs to school.” “Wow, twelve boys, I can only imagine.”

Mrs. Harris and I can attest that the assumptions were wrong and our class of twelve boys is a wonder to behold. I love walking by the class and poking my head in the door. There is a quiet hum to their busy activity, not a loud roar. I have seen compassion and empathy among friends. All is forgiven if social altercations occur.

Story time is my favorite time to visit. The boys gather around the carpet and listen intently as Mrs. Harris reads to them. Their faces light up and I can only imagine they are going on an adventure through literature into the land of make-believe.

The most effective way to teach a class of boys is to take advantage of their energy, curiosity and thirst for competition. Our 4 Day classroom is active and lively. The boys remain interested and engaged. There are many hands-on activities. At times they venture outside for a lesson.

It was fun observing this year’s class of boys! The class has dispelled all rumors of chaos and disorder. I am proud to say that Mrs. Harris’ twelve boys are curious, attentive, and engaging. They love coming to school. The boys are proud of accomplishments and strive hard to complete assigned tasks. I love our class of boys!