Thank you to the Dad’s and Grandfather’s who joined their children for a very special Donuts with Dad morning. The children were full of smiles and pride walking their Dad’s into BUMNS. I was introduced to the Dad’s or Grandfather’s as they passed me on the sidewalk. The children proudly showed off their classrooms and introduced friends. The children and their dads created special art projects together. The projects are keepsakes to preserve the memory of Donuts with Dad Day. I loved reading the children’s responses to the question, “Why is your dad special?” Some answers included, “He holds me up to shoot hoops!” or “He helps me make breakfast for Mommy.” Donuts with Dad Day will remain a special event in your child’s preschool experience.

The 5 Day classes are looking forward to BUMNS annual Muffins with Mom and Musicale. The event will be held on Friday, May 10th. The children will perform a variety of songs under the direction of Mrs. Debbie Brown, in the church chapel. Following the performance, the children and mothers will return to their classrooms for muffins.

In light of the recent events, supporting our local Fire Department becomes so relevant. Volunteer firefighters and police are an important component of our community. The men and women who serve provide us protection. Mr. Rogers’ advice to children is “to look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” BUMNS is collecting pennies to donate to the Berwyn Fire Company. The pennies will buy a brick engraved with the BUMNS name to be placed on the Fire Station property.

On Weds. April 24th BUMNS will host our annual dinner and Silent Auction at Alfredo’s in Berwyn. Doors open at 6:30. Come early to view the Silent Auction offerings. The BUMNS Parent/Teacher board has spent weeks planning, soliciting items, and bundling auction items. Class projects have been created by each class for auction. We are looking forward to a fun evening. This is BUMNS largest fundraiser. All monies raised benefit the children of the school.