Happy New Year! I hope your holiday season was a time of relaxation and family fun. I am occasionally asked why fundraise at BUMNS? Fundraising helps distinguish our preschool from other schools in the area. Monies raised have built our playground, given us funds to add new educational tools to our Game Room and classes, installed a security system, painted classrooms, bought music instruments and KIM equipment. Fundraising helps support our school environment. Thanks to your generous support. A playhouse was added to our playground this fall with fundraising monies.

• A recurring theme during January will be snow! There are wonderful books to read, and various mediums used to represent snow, snow people, and snowflakes! Painting snow people is a favorite art project.
• Lessons will be taught about Martin Luther King Jr .This gives us the opportunity to explore concepts such as kindness, peace, and acceptance of others.
• Registrations are being accepted for the 2018-2019 school year. There are openings in all classes. Families from outside the school have been registering for next year. Email the office if you have any questions.

January brings the challenges of buttons, zippers, hats, and mittens. Boots are not necessary. Help your child practice putting on their coat and zipping. The children will go outside for recess unless it is less than 35 degrees. BUMNS will follow T/E’s decision about school closure during inclement weather. Please call T/E’s hotline if there is a question about school closing or delays. The number is 610-240-1970.